Humiliation POV – Each Load Of Cum On Your Face Makes You Prettier And Dumber Sissy – Coerced Bi, Make Me Bi

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You pride yourself on being a very pretty sissy, don’t you? You love putting on tons of makeup and dressing up in the sluttiest outfits. And then strutting around like a bimbo in some big high heels. You’ll do whatever it takes to be the hottest, sluttiest sissy you can be. And while you do a fairly good job, there is always room for improvement. You see sissy, there’s one very important component to being the sexiest sissy that you are missing. You thought you had it all figured out, didn’t you? You silly little slut. LOL!
You see to truly be a pretty sissy, you need cum facials. You need your face completely covered in cum. That, will make you a sexier, sluttier sissy. And I know you want to be the sluttiest sissy you can be, isn’t that right? You think it’s makeup that makes you look so desirable to men, but it’s not you silly little bimbo, it’s cum. You need your face covered with it on top of your pretty makeup. You need cum dripping off of your face to truly look like a whore.
So I suggest you start collecting your cum in condoms, this will be very important in your development as a sissy. You see you’re not always going to be surrounded by cocks waiting to cum on your pretty face. Sometimes you’re going to have to make yourself up, and in order to look your sluttiest, you’re going to need to cover your own face with jizz lol. You don’t want to look like an inexperienced little tramp now do you? No, you want to look like the whore that you truly are inside. So if you truly want to be a slutty sissy, you better start taking lots of cum facials you dumb slut lol. The spunk, is the secret lol!
You’re not just playing dress up, do you understand? Being a sissy slut, it’s a way of fucking life. And you have to prove yourself. Every cum load on your face is like a badge of honor. Every single cock that you suck to completion, wearing that spunk shows what a little slut you are. How else can people identify you are a sissy slut? You need to understand that covering yourself in cum is the only way to be attractive as a sissy. It’s the only way to be a real sissy. And you want to be a real sissy, don’t you? Yes, I know you want to impress all the men you will encounter so you attract the biggest cocks, so you get spoken about by all the men who want to pass you around. You want everyone talking about the slutty little sissy who had ten loads on her face in one day lol.
You should feel degraded and each cum load on your face should help you sink lower and lower into oblivion. Never to return. Stuck deep in the depths of your slutty mindset. You can never switch it off. You’re going to be a cum hungry bitch. You’re going to beg for more loads on your face so you can look hotter and hotter. You want to be the filthiest low life whore that ever existed. You thought it was lip gloss that made sissy lips so shiny lol. No, no, no bitch. You need to gloss your lips with a wet load of cum, you disgusting little bitch.
Keep telling yourself, ‘Cum will make me pretty.’ And that’s what you want, you want to be pretty. You want to be a good sissy bitch. You want to be slutty. So you better start covering yourself in cum, you dirty little whore. It’s all you’re going to be able to think about. You’re going to obsess over it. You worship cum, it’s all you want. You’re going to beg for alpha cock to cum all over you and make you look sluttier. You’ll be arranging bukkake parties every fucking weekend, won’t you? You need to be drenched in cum. You’ll suck that dick to completion, just so you can wear that fucking cum all over your face. You are a dirty, filthy little whore and cum is what you crave, cum is what you worship. You can’t stop thinking about it, can you? You’re on obsessed little sissy cum whore, aren’t you? A cum bucket, a cum disposal unit. All you’ll ever fucking be is a cum rag to alpha men.
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