Miss Maddy – My Bestie’s Gay Obsession – Coerced Bi, Forced Bi

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your obsession is growing, bestie! you haven’t been able to stop thinking about how sexy your new coworker is…and no, they’re not a Woman. you have eyes for the new guy at work, and you want to tell Me allll about it. you’re desperate to show him how interested you are, but you need a little help. After all, it’s the first time you’ll be pleasuring cock without Me right there to guide you! But I’ll still be right there in your mind, bestie. Let Me show you exactly how to pleasure him for your first time hooking up – I know you’re nervous, but that obsession is too strong to ignore. you NEED his cock, so you better make a good first impression to keep him coming back for more & more of your holes, bestie. Thank GOODNESS you have Me!
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