Humiliation POV – White Boy BBC Addiction Mindfuck – Make Me Bi, Cuckold

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HumiliationPOV proudly introduces our newest Brat, Princess Arielle! She is so fucking gorgeous and her superior verbal will mindfuck you into serving Big Black Cock. This clip is so fucking hot!
You don’t have to be ashamed about your big black cock obsession. That addiction you have to BBC, it’s oh so natural. Weak white boys like you, you see something so utterly superior, you have to worship. Big long fat black cocks were made for worship and you know it. Keep on stroking, keep worshiping what you will never be white boy, what you will never have white boy. Your cock will never be that big. You’ll never have a big black cock. You’re inferior, you silly little white boy. You’re beneath black cock.
Black cock is beautiful. Black cock is powerful. Much more powerful than you’ll ever be, you little white bitch. You could never compare. Just think about the size of them. 9, 10, 11, 12 inches, you know you’ll never compare, right? You are genetically inferior. It’s statistically proven, black cock is so fucking big, so long, so wide, so massive. And you must worship, white bitch. Fall to your knees now and worship the very thing you wish you could be. Fall to your knees and worship, white boy.
Fucking worship big black cock. You want that black cock, don’t you? You worship black cock, more than anything else in this world, you understand the black superiority. Black cock is powerful and you will pump to it. Keep on pumping for black cock. Things are going to get really fucking gay right now.
I know you fantasize about being a cuck, getting on your knees and watching a massive black cock fuck my pussy, but, I think you’re addiction is deeper, it’s become much more than that. I think you are much more than a cuckold, white boy. I think you know that too. I think you’ve progressed, you don’t want to stroke to BBC anymore, no, what you want to do is drop to your fucking knees and suck it. That’s right. You want more than to be a BBC cuckold, you want BBC to be your entire life. You wanna worship that black cock on your knees. Accept your place, white boy. Understand that you are beneath big black cocks.
The only thing you’re good for white boy, is getting on those knees and sucking a big black cock. The only thing you’re good for white boy is getting on all fours and opening that white boy pussy and inserting a 12 inch black cock right up your ass. Just look at me and follow my instructions. You’re a beta white boy for life and you must worship powerful black cock. It’s a black new world order bitch and white boys only have one place, beneath me, beneath BBC.
I want you on your knees with that mouth wide open and put that big black cock inside your mouth and slurp it. Swallow every inch, gag on it, and beg for his alpha cum load down your throat, bitch. Beg for it. You want that, don’t you? Yes you do. Say it, say, ‘I worship Big Black Cock, Princess Arielle. I want to be on my hands and knees, sucking and fucking, being a little white boy slut.’ LOL! Stupid little white boy, all you wanna do is suck that big black cock. You’re more than a white cuckold, you’ll be on your knees sucking BBC in no time. You’re pathetic and all you’re good for is sucking and fucking that big black cock lol. You’ll do anything for black cock. You love black cock. You’re a stupid little white faggot that loves BBC.
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