Princess Ellie Idol – The Masseuse – Hypnotic, Mind Fuck

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There are rumors circulating of men going missing after visiting a certain local massage parlor. You’re a reporter looking for the big story so you decide to go under cover as a customer. The massage starts out normal enough but you soon find it hard to move your limbs. Turns out your masseuse used extra special essential oils during your session rendering you immobile and weak. She climbs on top of you and reveals her plan to take you for everything you’re worth by getting you addicted to her pussy. She rubs another type of oil, one to give you a major erection, onto her underlips before she slips your penis into her wet little hole. She gets off on her control over you and you find it increasingly hard to hold back as you know if you give in and cum you’ll be enslaved by her magical pussy…but you just can’t help yourself. Her pussy is just that addicting…
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