Humiliation POV – Beta Loser Mantra Mindrinsing – Eviscerating Your Ego – Brainwash – Brat Girls, Sensual Domination

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Hey loser, you’ve been forgetting your fucking place in the world. Your place beneath my bratty perfection. What a sad little loser you are. And I can’t let you forget just who you are. I need to drill some things into your stupid brain. And in order to do that, I’m going to make you repeat some mantras, some affirmations. Mantras that will reprogram your brain and mindwash you, while you stare at my hot young body in this tiny bikini. My words and my body will completely mesmerize you. I want you to jerk and stare at my body while you repeat my mantras, loser.
And I don’t want you just repeating these mantras, that would be too easy, I want to go for maximum humiliation. So I want you to get naked and get down on your knees and get your loser cock in your hand. I want you to feel low and pathetic, and being naked on your knees will put you in the right place, the right mindset. I want you to feel how hard your cock gets as you repeat my humiliating mantras. And you will get so hard, your cock is going to betray you as you repeat what a loser perv beta you are. And to make it even more humiliating, I want you in front of a mirror so you can truly see what you are.
Ready loser, repeat my mantras as you jerk your dick on the floor, naked and in front of a mirror. I’m going to eviscerate your ego. But you’re going to get harder and harder with each mantra. “I am a beta loser who can’t stop stroking his horny cock.” Yes you are, aren’t you? Keep saying it as you watch yourself jerk naked in the mirror. “My masturbation addiction grows stronger every day.” “I can feel my willpower draining from my body.” Keep repeating them. Your will power is slowly draining the more I make you repeat these mantras. “I love humiliating myself for Princess Rebelle.”
“I am not a real man.” Repeat that one over and over as you feel yourself melting before me. Your cock feels so good in your hand as you repeat my mantras, doesn’t it? I know it does. Your cock is so hard. “I need to sacrifice my wallet and my soul to Princess Rebelle.” You know you need to sacrifice for me. “I am a hopeless gooner simp.” It’s so pathetic how I can make you do this, it’s just further proof what a beta loser you are. “Princess Rebelle is inside my mind, I am consumed by her words.” “I don’t deserve pussy.” You don’t, and I know how badly you want a girl like me. But that would never happen, girls like me don’t fuck losers who jerkoff on their knees in front of their computer screens.
Your cock is getting harder and harder as you repeat these mantras for me, isn’t it? You love watching me tease you in this shiny bikini. You’re getting weaker and weaker. “Princess Rebelle has me wrapped around her perfect little finger.” “Gooning to hot brats is better than fucking.” You know it is. Not that you’re getting laid lol. You’re too busy jerking off lol! You can’t stop. “I am just another insignificant loser with no purpose.” This must be so confusing to you, you’re saying the most humiliating things but your cock is rock hard. What a mindfuck lol!
“Princess Rebelle is going to destroy me.” “I’m a perverted chronic masturbator and that’s all I’ll ever be.” Keep saying them. You should never stop, there should always be a mantra coming out of your mouth as you jerk that horny cock. Let these words sink deep into your brain. Feel my words wash over you. Feel them taking up space in your brain. “I am desperate to be manipulated and mindfuck by Princess Rebelle.” You really are a pathetic beta pervert, aren’t you? You’re a hopeless gooner loser simp. You’re going to spend the rest of your night watching this on loop and repeating my mantras until you’re completely mindwashed.