Humiliation POV – Devious Psychoanalyst Manipulation – A Dangerous Game – Brainwash – Sexy, Hypnotic

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You’ve been coming in for several months now. Thank you for coming in after hours this time. We’re going to do some deeper work. You’ve been very forthcoming with me about your issues with arousal and your fetishization of me. I think instead of fighting this, we can use this to help you. You do want to get better, don’t you? We’ve spent weeks talking about how you have a hard time getting hard not thinking of me. And how every time you walk out of our sessions, you immediately need to find a place to jerk off. But you must do better. It’s not that I don’t want you to jerk off to me, I don’t mind, I find it kind of flattering. But what I want is for you to start to regain control of your life. I want you to use your fetish, I want you to use me to help you get hard in the moments of your life where you should be getting hard, like when you’re with your wife or girlfriend.
Just watch me, watch me in my pantyhose. Feel the sensation take over your body. I know you wanna jerk off. Do you see how easily you can be manipulated? Do you feel how easy it is for me to manipulate you? I asked you for something mildly inappropriate. I asked you to come in after business hours. And you did. I told you I was going to change into something sexy and I asked for your cell phone. It was that easy. You are so easy to be manipulated, now all we have to do is manipulate your cock. Why would we fix you when we can just use your imperfections in a different way? Use your obsession with me, your need for me, this is the only thing that gets your cock hard. Why wouldn’t we use it?
I’m going to send you home with a few exercises, not like our normal therapeutic exercises, this is different. I’m going to take pictures of myself, and send you home with those pictures, and every time you’re in a moment where you know you normally should be hard, like when your wife or girlfriend whispers in your ear that she’s feeling horny, you’re going to excuse yourself for a work call, flip through my photos and start getting yourself hard and that way we can start to train your brain to be normal. You can think of me all the time, as long as that’s what’s getting you hard you’re allowed to let your cock get hard for me. It’s ok that you’re broken and you have a fetish, we’re going to use your fetish. Why would we get rid of your fetish when we can use your fetish?
Keep stroking to me as I take pictures of myself on your phone. You’re going to look at them every time you need a little help getting hard. And that’s as close as you get to me, do you understand? You’re going to love stroking to these sexy pictures of me. You’re stroking to me taking these pictures for you to stroke to, I know that’s fucking you up. I know that these pictures are going to be triggers. Triggers of when you were actually right here with me, stroking your cock, being so turned on.
I’m your psychoanalyst and by law, I have to be professional. So no matter how much I undress or turn you on, we’re going to be professional. You can’t have me. You understand, don’t you? You can want me all you want but you can’t have me. You can jerk off to me every night but you can’t ever touch me. Do you like how I look in these pantyhose? I’ve documented every single fetish we’ve ever talked about. I’ve documented every single time you’ve been frustrated because you couldn’t get hard for your wife. And every single time you couldn’t get hard for your wife but you could jerkoff after our sessions.
Keep stroking as I take more pictures for you. Good boy. You do wanna get better, right? You do want to finally get past this rough time in your life. I can only imagine how humiliating and personally degrading it must be to not be able to get hard for your own wife or girlfriend. So let’s work on this as often as you can. Every single time you can’t get hard I want you to pull out photos of me and jerkoff. I want you jerking off as much as you can, we have to work this out of you. Some day you’re going to have to get hard for your significant other. You and I have to remain professional. You can never touch me. But I can control you, can’t I? So easily manipulated. Here’s your phone. You can go now. You have no idea what I’m doing to you, do you? Or do you? And you’re letting it happen…