Humiliation POV – You Bought Into Our Lies, Idiot, And Now You’re Addicted To Them – Brainwash – Brainwashed, Mind Fuck

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Miss Tiffany! Maybe this will destroy your world, or maybe, because you’re a fucked up loser femdom addict, this will turn you on and you won’t be able to stop jerking to it LOL! You fucking moron! This is Harsh verbal humiliation and as much as you will still try and live in denial, it’s all true.
It’s time you know the truth. The real truth. Things you may not want to hear but need to. And the fucked up part is that even though this is meant to destroy your world, your reality, you’re probably going to think it’s hot and jerk off to it LOL! First of all I want you to know that any Domme who talks to you, only does so because you are paying. And I feel that somewhere in that stupid beta male brain of yours, you already knew that. You see the only reason we keep talking to you is so that you’ll stay around and keep paying us or buying our clips. It is Purely transactional. That is the only fucking reason. We do not give a fuck about you personally or your kinks. And as much as you may think that we’re your ‘Domme’, that is a lie, you are a paying customer, period! Any ‘relationship’ you may think we have is merely ‘work’ for us. This is a job. Talking to you means no more to us than anything you do at your work means to you. Think about that. Let it really sink in.
Even this little interaction is purely transactional, I got paid to make it and you paid to watch it. I am not speaking to you, I am speaking to any idiot who will buy it. And even though you think that I ‘understand’ you, this is purely a monologue meant to fuck with all of you losers. Understanding one of you is understanding all of you. You’re all the same, really. If you weren’t paying, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. This might be harsh but it’s true.
We make so many clips but the truth is, they’re all the same fucking clips lol! Sure we change outfits and backgrounds, the words may be in a slightly different pattern, but the overall idea is the same. Haven’t you noticed that by now, idiot? Go back and listen to all the clips of your favorite domme and you’ll start to see a pattern because the truth is, we have a pattern that we use to make money off of you. We don’t ‘understand’ you or even care about you. We want you to buy the clips so we can make money off of you. You really have no idea just how foolish you are.
You idiots think that somehow these beautiful women are speaking directly to you, the loser. We make the same $h!t over and over and you, you keep eating it up like the fucking moron that you are. It doesn’t matter what your fetish is, you losers all respond to the same type of thing. You watch our clips and you write to us and think that there is some kind of bond forming, but you don’t know us. Not at all. And the truth is, we don’t know you or understand you, we just plan and know what to say to all of you, because you’re all the same, to get you to BUY. You don’t know us and the truth is, we don’t want you to know us. Do you know why? Because who we are is not who we portray ourselves to be. ‘Miss Tiffany’ or any other domme’s name is just a character that I/we created to make money. It is Not who we are. You do not know us at all. I mean not at all! All you know is our online personas meant to profit off of idiots like you who think this is real.
And I don’t know you either and I don’t care. You’re just a customer. Even if you pay to talk to me and open up to me about your fetishes, I still don’t care. I’m just getting you to spend more money. I may sound like I know you or care but again, just part of my Job. If I or any other girl ever walked away from this business, we wouldn’t care any more. But here in this virtual world you actually think I care because I want it that way. I control what goes on. I let you know only what I want you to know, my online persona. And I know some of you are thinking, ‘she’s not right, I have such a bond with my domme, she cares.’ Oh yea? Stop paying her and see what happens lol. Prove me wrong, I dare you. If she really did care, she would still talk to you, right? But she won’t because you are a customer and as Soon as you stop paying, you are no longer a customer and she needs to move on to paying customers because this is her job! LOL! She will not give a fuck about you or even talk to you any more the second you stop paying! And that is Not a ‘real’ relationship.
These are some harsh fucking truths that you need to know. You are nothing and this is all you have. And even now that you know the truth, you’re not going anywhere. You need this, even though it’s a complete fucking lie. You need this because you’ve bought into our lies and now you’re addicted, just like we wanted. You now understand that all of this is just a money trap and you fell right in and now it’s too late, you can’t get out. What we do know is that you need this, we don’t need you. So face it, you’re not going anywhere. You’re not going to get this kind of rush anywhere else. You can’t quit us even though you now know the truth about online femdom. This transactional relationship has always been a game, a game you always lose.