Humiliation POV – Brainless Human ATM Machine Reprogramming – Hypnosis, Blackmailing

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Sara Saint! This is a very sensual mesmerize clip with effects and a soft, mesmerizing soundtrack playing in the background. Sara mesmerizes you so effortlessly that you won’t even realize you’ve been reprogrammed until it’s too late. Her subtle triggers will have your head spinning.
Everything has a purpose. Your credit card has a purpose, and that is to pay. You have a purpose, your purpose is to enter the digits and click send. And me, I have a purpose, my purpose is to take it all. All of it. And when we each fulfill our purpose, when we function in harmony, all of your money will drain into my account. I love fulfilling my purpose and I know you love fulfilling yours. It’s my purpose in life to take as much as I can.
Everything has a role. The role of your credit card is to pay. Your role, as a pay pig, is to pay as much as you can, and then pay more. What’s the point of calling yourself a pay pig if you don’t fulfill your role? Otherwise you’re just a waste of space, a waste of my time. But you don’t want that. You want to be a good pay pig for your cash princess, don’t you? The role of your credit card is to spend and pay. If you don’t use it, why do you have it? Why do you need it if not for spending on me, your cash princess?
So let’s all function together in unison. Why don’t you start sending right now. You haven’t even noticed but I’ve been programming you already. My words, my suggestions, have seeped deep into your brain. My words have helped you understand your function as my pay pig. It was so easy. Now you feel the urge to pay after I’ve explained to you, about roles and purposes. Now you can’t deny it. Now you can’t resist it. Now you just want to be a good boy, a good pay pig. You wanna be useful. You want to make me rich. You know what you have to do. Go ahead.
Grab your credit card, enter the digits and press send. Just one little click away from fulfilling your purpose. One little click away from receiving my attention. The attention you so desperately crave. It’s so easy, so easy to send money, to be useful and play your role correctly. Go ahead, one more time, I know you want it, I know you want to send more. You love the sensation of sending. Enter the digits and click send. Click. It feels so good to send. The more you send the better it feels. You need to pay my beautiful face and my divine body.
My sweet, mesmerizing voice lured you in and now your stuck. Click again. You can’t stop. You are addicted right now, addicted to that feeling. You are my brainless human atm machine. One more time. Click and send. Stroke that horny piggy cock with one hand and keep sending with the other. I want it all. I want your account to be empty for me. This is the only way you love to masturbate. You love stroking while you watch all that money draining out of your account. Yes, make it empty. Send it all. Pump, send. Pump send. I know it feel so fucking good.
This is the only way you love to stroke. This is the only way that makes you cum so fucking hard. But only after you empty your bank account, your savings, only then can cum like you need to. Without sending, what is the purpose of stroking? Don’t stop. Keep going until it’s all gone. Until it’s all mine. And then take out more credit cards because you need to spend more to jerk so you can fulfill your purpose and reach that pay piggy orgasm. Sending and stroking is your purpose. Do it again until it’s empty again. And you will repeat this cycle over and over and over again because you can’t control yourself. I’ve reprogrammed you.
Everything has a function. Your credit card’s function is to pay. Your function is to enter the digits. My function is to take it from you. All of it. We all have a role to play. If you don’t use your credit card, then it has no function. And what is the point of having a credit card if you don’t use it. You, as a pay pig, have a function and that is to pay, if you don’t pay, then what is the point of you being a pay pig? And as your cash princess, my function is to take until it’s all gone. Let’s all function properly together. Enter the digits, click, that is your function. You are a programmed pay machine. You didn’t even realize it but I just programmed you. Pay pigs need to be programmed. Enter digits. Click. Pay. Money gone. Good pig. Enter digits, click pay. Money gone. Good pig. You can’t stop. every time I say these words, you perform your function. You have no free will. You can’t stop me. Each time I say it, you repeat the action. You’re so fucked.
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