Humiliation POV – Sara Saint – Bratty Schoolgirl High Heel Perv Wallet Manipulation – Hypnotic, Blackmailing

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Hi pervert. What are you staring at? At my hot young body that you will never have? LOL! You are too old for me. I see you staring at my sexy high heels, perv. I see by the way you’re staring at them that high heels make you so weak lol. And I know that you love hot bratty girls in school girl uniforms with sexy high heels like these. You’re such a fucking pervert! I know school girls in high heels are your fetish. I am your fetish. I am your weakness. You go absolutely brainless when I tease you with my heels in this outfit. It’s so easy to manipulate you and turn your brain into mush.
I know you can’t resist my tight young body. I know you’re jerking to it right now, you can’t help yourself. But the thing that turns you on the most are my sexy high heels. They complete the package and send you over the edge. It’s your weakness and your biggest addiction. You can’t fight it, it’s stronger than you. Bratty school girls in high heels turn you into such a fucking pervert lol. And you know I think you’re a gross old perv but you still can’t help it. You want it so badly. You need to worship my heels lol. You become so stupid for me, you old pervert lol.
I know you can’t stop staring at my high heels. Getting so weak and so fucked in the head for them. You want to worship them and sucK on my high heels. You want to stroke to them. You want me to have more high heels. You want to buy me more high heels. So I want you to get down on your knees and open your wallet and hand me your credit card so that I can buy more sexy heels to tease you with. Your credit card looks so sexy next to my high heels doesn’t it? It makes you want to buy me more heels. I want you to jerk on the floor beneath my heels while I shop for new sexy high heels with your credit card. I know this is making you so horny, it’s so easy to manipulate you lol
Don’t talk idiot, just watch me shop for high heels with your credit card in my hand. Look at how sexy these heels are, they will look so good on me. There are so many sexy pairs, I can’t choose just one, I will have to buy many pairs of them while you jerk yourself stupid, unable to stop me lol. You can stroke your pathetic cock while I fuck you over. I don’t care what you do lol. Jerk as I add these $700 heels to my cart lol. But I want more so I can go out on the streets and tease old perverts like you and lure them in just like I did you lol. I will turn more men into my heel slaves just like you are lol.
Watch me add more pairs as I run your credit card up and down my long legs. Just stare at my heels, it doesn’t matter how much of your money I spend, what matters is how pleasure it gives you to see me wearing the heels that I bought with your credit card lol. And you’re so lucky that I do this to you, aren’t you? And then once I buy these, I’m going to put them on and do this too you all over again lol. I know the more I spend your money on heels for me, the hornier you get, so I’m not going to stop lol. I love blowing old pervert’s money on new high heels for me. I know you can’t stop me, you don’t want to.
And when my new heels arrive you won’t get to see them for free. I will make you pay and beg to show them to you lol! Keep begging me to spend more, keep begging me to buy more heels to manipulate you with.
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