Humiliation POV – Queen Elastica – Thirsty For Milk – Cum Eating, JOI

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Is that cock between your legs hard? Of course it is. Are you horny? You want to touch it. Go ahead. You should touch it. Pump it, up and down. Feel it getting harder and harder in your hand as you feel that rush pulsate through your body. It feels so good. It feels good to stroke. Pumping and up and down feels so good. And as you pump the tip gets wet. Precum. It feels good to be wet. It feels good being warm. Warm and wet. Thirsty. You must be getting thirsty. Losing hydration through the tip of that dick. Warm and wet. Thirsty.
Pumping up and down. Are you getting thirsty? Notice your mouth feeling dry. You have a craving, a thirst. Milking that cock. Milking. Thirsty. Milk, milk, milk to quench your thirst. The tip is wet. You want a taste. It’s so shiny and you’re so thirsty. Wipe the tip and taste it. Quench your thirst. Wipe and taste. Shiny, wet, milk. Milking, have a taste. Hydrate. Eating cum. Taste it. Cum on your tongue. Tastes good, doesn’t it? Tastes good quenching your thirst as you stroke and milk.
Notice how dry your mouth is getting again. Your throat is desperate for more. Precum on the tip. Shiny and wet. Wipe and taste. Mmmmmm. It’s wet. Precum. You like precum on your tongue, don’t you? Of course you do. You like the taste. Quenching your thirst as you stroke, up and down. Shiny and wet. Thirsty. Thirsty. Feel that thirst building as you generate wet precum, on the tip. Wet. Thirsty. Taste it. Mmmmmm. Thirstier and thirstier. Just a taste and that only makes you crave more and more. It feels good milking precum to the tip. It feels so good. Pumping up and down. It feels good showing me how shiny that cock gets. Precum. Taste it. Yum. You need to quench that thirst.
Thirst quenching precum. Wet and shiny. You are going to cum. It tastes so good having that precum on your tongue. It cures your thirst. You have a growing thirst. You want to cum. You want that thick milk on your tongue. That creamy dream on your tongue. You want that milk. So thirsty for milk. Milking that cock. Pumping for milk. You must have that milk. Becoming thirstier and thirstier as you pump. Precum will not cure this thirst. You must have milk. Milk is what you crave.
Making milk to quench your thirst. Milk, milk, milk. Making milk to cure your thirst. Make that milk. So thirsty. So close to cumming. Get to the edge. Milk. Milk in your hand. So thirsty. So thirsty for milk. Milk on your tongue. Milk tastes so good. Eat your cum. Eat it all. Eat that milk. Quench that thirst. Milk to cure your thirst. You love making milk. Eat that cum.
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