Humiliation POV – Mandy Marx – Manipulatrix Triggers Your Relapse – Psychological Mindfuckery – Mind Fuck, Hypnosis

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You wouldn’t believe my inbox, email after email, mostly strangers that I’ve never met and they all say the same thing. All of their deepest fears, their greatest desires, things they’ve never told anyone. And then after revealing all of this information, they all say thank you. And then when I take all of that information in and I twist it up and then I give it back to them. I use all of their weaknesses against them. Sometimes I scare them. Whether it’s blackmail-fantasy, chastity or home wrecking, the same things happen. Men pay me More money, and then they say thank you.
They say thank you and they mean it. But why? Do I do something magical with the information they’ve given me before I process it and spit it back out at them? I know something that you don’t know, that it’s part of human nature. Does it really matter if you’re into blackmail-fantasy but I still give you the same feeling in a chastity clip? No, it doesn’t, because I know that the same thing is going to happen tomorrow. You have this list of things in your mind, things you’ve sworn you’re never going to do again. But then you decide, just one last time. ‘I’m just going to give in one last time and give in and jerk to this.’ It’s just one more video, just one last time. Over and over and over again.
‘She’s going to use me. Just one last time.’ But I have my little secret. And that’s the thing that makes me smart. It’s never, ever one last time. Some people say it’s my beauty, some people say I’m a fetish genius, I think I just understand it well. I can be talking about how I ensnare you, how I manipulate you and you just get so fucking horny. ‘Oh god, she understands me, oh god, she has me.’ Pump, pump, pump. And then you’re done. Until the next time you sit down to swear you’ll never do it again. And then, it happens again, you need it, just one more time. And you start jerking and then you think, ‘Oh god, oh fuck, she knew it. She’s got me.’ As you jerk yourself faster. Oh yea, I have you. I have a little secret. I know you’re always going to come back. And it’s not because I’m a genius, it’s not just because I’m cute, it’s because I know your secret.
You watch me and you can see how I look at you, like I know something, like I know more than you. Watch me on the screen, watch very close because I’m on your monitor, I’m in your videos, but I’m also standing right behind you, whispering in your ear. Teasing you with your desires. Fluffing your fetishes. And then you jerk and jerk and pump and pump. You just can’t help it. I rule you. I own you. I own your mind. I know your secret.
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