Eva de Vil – Gooner Drills – Mesmerize, Hypnosis

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Ready to blow off some steam, soldier?
You’ve been training in my squadron, but the grueling exercise demands are finally wearing you down and you’re begging me to let you quit.
I decide it’s time to try a special kind of drill. This is a one time offer.
If you can make it to the end of my game without cumming, your reward is that you can fuck me. But you have to stay in my program without complaint.
If you lose and cum too soon, you’ll be dishonorably discharged, but at least you’ll be free to go.
You’re always so distracted by me. Maybe your lust and curiosity while be satiated after you bend me over and fuck me. Maybe this is what you need to really commit yourself to the program. Finally clear your head and bust a good nut.
Then again, maybe your obsession with me will increase tenfold. Maybe you’ll become totally weak and submissive for me, relishing every order I give you.
But you know, even if you get to fuck me, I’ll still be your superior. I set your schedule. I control you. I decide how hard you have to work. Is all that worth it, just to get a taste of my pussy?
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