Humiliation POV – Marisol Price – Turning Blackmail-Fantasy Jerkers Into Committed Blackmail-Fantasy Boys – Hypno, Blackmailing

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Sometimes I think about the things that I would do if I had a devoted blackmail-fantasy boy. But most of them arent committed enough, they dont want to get in trouble, they have wives, blah blah blah theres always something. Its like a curse. I feel like I get a boy, I start to get their information, and then they just wont reveal their wives or girlfriends name? I cant deal with that level of lack of commitment. I mean, who would? Im all in and I want my boys to be all in. I mean if Im going to do it then I want my fetish satisfied.
Oh god the things that I would do… I would buy whatever I wanted. I would sit down with your credit card number and I would do a little online shopping. Maybe buy some new shoes. I would make you send so many videos, so many selfies, whenever I wanted. I would request them and then I would dangle all of that information that you so easily gave up to me and then you would take a selfie, naked, with your beautiful blackmail-fantasy smile. Because if youre my blackmail-fantasy boy, youre happy with what you do for me. Youre happy to be my blackmail-fantasy boy. But most boys just arent committed enough. They dont want to make their blackmail-fantasy Mistress happy. And I understand that, its a Big commitment. I understand. I know its a lot. But I would do it because I know what commitment looks like.
I would make you make a car payment for me. I would revel in the fact that your credit card company would call you because they would see some suspicious activity on your account. And you would tell me that and I would laugh. I would make you cook and clean for me, all the while showing you my phone with everything I have. I would make you stroke while you send me a new piece of information. I would make you stroke in front of me while I sat there with a notebook writing down every single password for every single account that youve ever owned. I would make you take a permanent marker and write on your dick, M.P. Because lets be honest, you couldnt fit Marisol Price, could you?
I would make you worship me. I want every other Mistress to be jealous of me because they wish they had a committed blackmail-fantasy boy like I do. But I cant because boys arent committed enough to do anything like this, theyre too stupid or afraid or too shy. So what do I get? Boys like you that are just stroking pitifully in front of their screen wishing so desperately that you could be the blackmail-fantasy boy for me. Well you could! But youre not ready for that conversation, are you? Youre not ready to be the committed, devoted blackmail-fantasy boy that I need. If you were you would have already emailed me. You know thats what I want.
I mean how many blackmail-fantasy videos do I have to make until you understand that I am serious? Im very serious about this. I know what I want. Now the question for you is, do you know what you want, little blackmail-fantasy boy? I know thats who you are. I know it because you clicked on this video. I know you wish so badly that you could commit to me and be mine. That you would do whatever I wanted when I flashed you my phone and you wouldnt complain. But you wont. Youre too scared. Awww are you afraid that your whole life is going to get ruined? A little loser boy who wants to be a blackmail-fantasy boy but cant.
But now you know what I want and what are you going to do with that information, huh? Sit there and stroke? Lol! Wow look at you go. I just gave you what you most want and thats what you do? A really devoted boy would email me. Go on, email me, try it. Do you think that youre the boy for me? Are you ready to commit? I welcome that email and I still want that picture. So stroke your cock and write, M.P on it and send me that picture along with your information and maybe you can be useful to me. Do it. Change my mind.
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