The Mean Girls – American Mean Girls – FOOTBALL – Young Mistress, Cbt

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AFTER Our meal (see previous clip, “Mean Girl Thanksgiving”) what do the Mean Girls do? Play FOOTBALL! 🙂 But not the kind the boys play…oh, noooo. (You see, here in America boys will throw and kick the football around in the backyard) But not Mean Girls- WE kick the BOYS’ balls around! LOL!!!!
In this clip Me, My niece Princess Sierra, her friend Miss Jessica, and Princess Miesha decide to use one of My ballkicking slaves as after-meal entertainment! We are going to use HIM to play “foot-ball” with!
We split into teams (“family” vs. “friends”, so Me and My neice are on a team) and I explain the rules- a soft kick is an “extra point” (1pt) and medium kick is a “field goal” (3pts) and a REALLY hard kick is a TOUCHDOWN! (6pts!) And it is up to the SLAVE getting kicked to tell us what the “score” is after each kick!
We even have a scoreboard to keep track! (And we have to step up onto out partially-eaten slave to reach it and keep track of the score- but I’m sure he didn’t mind…LOL!) 🙂
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