Terminal Euphoria Productions – The Best Of Mistress Mika – Latex, Finger Nail Fetish

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00:16:52 | 191,56 MB | CBT / Ballbusting
This compilation video features two of Mistress Mika’s premier clips at a special price. Mistress Mika’s Ruthless Urethral is an intense CBT clip, which happens to be her favorite form of tormenting men. Her buff slave is shackled spread eagled to a metal bondage bed and his genitals are bound with latex tubing. Mika initiates her torment by inserting a red rubber sounds progressively deeper into his urethra. His moans of pain only fuel her sadistic attack. Next Mistress Mika inserts a stainless steel rod into her victim’s pee-hole. The final assault is a metal device designed specifically for urethral stretching. With his urethra spread to the tearing point Mika does the unthinkable, utilizing a pointy implement to stimulate the inner walls of his member. Ultimately she demands her slave to eat his pre-cum off her long beautiful finger. Despite all this stimulation Mistress Mika denies him release. Mistress Mika’s Electro is her debut clip. You’ll immediately be shocked by her intense beauty as well as the genuine pleasure she takes in shocking her spread eagled victim. Wearing eight inch white leather ankle boots and a hot neon pink latex dress, as well as extremely long white nails, Mistress Mika immediately works the dials controlling the flow of electricity directly attached to her slaves genitals. The cruel smile on her lips grows in proportion to the screams emanating from her sub as he writhes helplessly in agonizing pain on her metal bondage bed.