Club Stiletto – Goddess Amelia – Locked Down and Beat Up – Cbt, Spitting

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00:07:59 | 894,07 MB | CBT / Ballbusting
The dynamic duo of Goddess Amelia and Mistress Mercy combine in this scene to make a slave cry while another bound slave waits in the wings, watching what he might be subjected to next. The first slave is locked in the trample floor with his cock and balls in the CBT box. An awkward position when both ladies are wearing boots with pointy stiletto heels. Amelia starts by stepping on his cock while Mercy takes the balls. The slave is in pain but aroused as his cock starts to leak. Amelia reaches down and scoops up the cum and sticks her fingers in his mouth. She rubs his cock and just as he might think he is in for some sensual play she slaps his cock and balls repeatedly then gets back on the box and steps on both his cock and balls.
Meanwhile, Mercy steps onto his chest and grinds the heel of her boot into his nipple. They continue to step all over him, both taking turns on his cock and balls until Amelia decides kicking his cock and balls might be fun too. Again Amelia messes with his senses and starts stroking his cock but Mercy bends down and slaps his privates just as he is getting relaxed. Amelia decides to go over and cane the other slave while Mercy twists the other slaves nipples. Amelia returns and they both stroke the slaves dick again but it’s always followed by more slapping. Amelia takes the precum from the slave and rubs it on the other slaves bald head. Finally, Mercy decides to sit on the slaves face and now with his screams muffled Amelia really goes to town on his cock and balls with her hands and her boots. No mercy when your under Mercy’s Ass.
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