Mandy Flores – Footkold 2 – Cheating Wife – Pov, Footworship

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00:11:09 | 653,54 MB | Cheating Wife
(custom) The video would begin with you and your lover in the bed after a long night of sex. He would still be **** and the camera would start with a close up of your perfect face with beautiful eyes closed but beginning to open. You look at the camera and grin. Unlike the first footkold clip, you will actually talk to the camera, to the cuckold footslave… So you grin and whisper, “oh, good morning my pet. Make sure you are quiet so as not to wake Him! ” The camera then moves to your perfectly pedicured toes with only one toe ring one each foot. Again lots of extreme closeups of your pedicured toes please. You slip your feet into some cute open toed bedroom slippers and get out of the bed. The camera follows your feet as you walk around the room showing yours and His clothes all over the floor. You find one toe ring on the floor and pick it up with your perfect manicured nails. You hold it up to the camera, and speak to your pet, “you will > need to find all the other ones. They must have come off during our play time last night. Closeups of you putting the one toe ring on, and then you command me to clean up the room, and make sure not to wake the Master. The next scene shows you returning to the bedroom with a glass of juice or something… Lots of closeups of your feet and hands please… You look at the camera and tell me to crawl back to my place quickly, He is waking and you know what that means!!! You grin… (perhaps under your bed is the pet’s place) Your lover and you then begin going at it hard, but He is standing behind you. Again your lover’s face is not seen, but you look down at the camera, closeups of your feet, his can be seen a little behind as He is standing behind you as the two of you fuck hard… As the Both of you cum hard, you look at the pet and grin as He cums.. Then the camera has extreme closeups of His cum coming down your leg, your ankle then some is > on your perfect toes… You grin and say to the camera, you need to clean my perfect toes now! As you sit on the bed you hold a bottle of nail polish, closeups of it in your manicured hands. You tell me that you are going to join the Master in the shower, but I will need to touch up your polish when you get out. I would love the final scenes then to be You and Your Lover then sitting outside, reading the morning paper, having breakfast with lots of closeups of the sunlight on your pedi and mani and your feet in some wicked high heel fun eat breakfast on the porch shoes…. All toe rings have made their way back to your toes, closeups of your nails on your drink, you laughing and conversing with Your Man, who is obviously there, but his face is just not seen. > > Fades out as you are laughing and the camera is focused on a closeup of the light bouncing brightly off your toenails…..