Ezada Sinn – 24 hours to cuckolding – part 6 – the cuckold crowning – Assworship, Forced Bi

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One of the tasks of a good cuckold bitch is to do everything needed to make My time with a male enjoyable. Right now I am very horny and want to use hubby’s cock, so My cuckold’s job is to prepare hubby for My pleasure. First he must remove hubby’s boots, showing the same respect he does for Mine. I want My bitch to inhale the scent of sweat off My hubby’s moist socks before I make him lick his manly feet and toes. Slowly, My bitch is starting to understand his place in My harem: he will be sucking My hubby’s toes while I’m using his cock for My pleasure. After a while, when I received all the pleasure I wanted from hubby, I decide to grant him an orgasmic reward. Now it’s finally time for the cuckold to prove that he’s worthy of this title: My bitch must suck and worship hubby’s superior cock until it spews a “pearl crown” right on the his head.
This is part 6, the last one. Collect them all for a more immersive experience.
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