Charlotte Stokely – Sperm Clinic Cruelty – Gay Humiliation, Brat Girls

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00:11:33 | 429,21 MB | Cum Eating Instruction
That’s why your here right? To become more manly… to please a woman in bed. Don’t worry sweetie, lots of guys are lacking the proper amount of testosterone. I mean look at you… the only question I have is why did it take you this long to book an appointment’.
‘ I’ve been working at this sperm bank for years and then it hit me. I knew I could get guys to drink cum to help them add testosterone to their wimpy bodies! I’m so smart, huh?
‘Now I know your probably wondering who’s sperm this is. Well, don’t worry, it’s not the sperm that made the cut for fertility purposes. Oh no, this is a collection of spent leftovers from the ugliest guys that come in here. When we get an ugly guy that wants to donate sperm, we try not to be rude and turn them away. Oh no, not anymore anyway. Now that I started this program, we finally have use for retarded loser sperm. And I think your ‘
‘ just to make sure this is nice and potent, I’m gonna add one shot of grade A alpha male sperm… right on top. This is the delicious sperm of a huge black guy. Believe me, by the way you sashayed in here, you need it, sweetie. It’s such a funny story actually. I told the black guy that I was gonna feed his jizz to a beta male wimp…. and he laughed his head off! Haha, yea, me and him just stood there laughing ‘.
Do you mind if I get a video of your face as you drink this? I gotta keep him entertained so that he’ll keep stopping by and making deposits. Maybe he’ll make a deposit in my ass while he’s here. That would be fun… and I know what you’re thinking, if he cums in my ass, there’s gonna be less for you, right? Well, don’t worry sweetie, I always save the cum from my ass and reuse it for these beta male sperm drinks’.
‘Oh did you wanna add your own retard jizz on top before you drink it? Oh here ya go. Let’s hope your sissy sperm doesn’t dilute the alpha sperm, haha. Oh you came so fast, well I ‘
‘My love for bullying just comes out naturally I guess and well, I guess guys just like it. It’s like I’m conditioning them to like it, haha. Guys just keep coming back and offering to pay me more and more. They keep asking me to be meaner and meaner, haha. It’s so funny right? It’s like there’s a “cum guzzling, closet homo ” fetish out there and they put my ad on some fetish website. Oh well, whatever’s good for business I guess. Now wipe your chin, sweetie… I’ll see you next week!