Kira Uses Subby Boyfriend’s Face As a Couch For Long – Drops, Cruel

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00:21:35 | 499,18 MB | Facesitting / Smothering
Kira is gradually transforming her boyfriend into a sofa-slave, so she continuously sits on his face like on a chair for more than 20 minutes, ignoring his torment, because he is no longer a living being, but just her personal chair. Therefore, when new anime series are released, Kira now sits exclusively on the face of an enslaved boyfriend because she likes to feel her superiority over a miserable slave. The imperious Kira teaches the weak-willed slave not to breathe as long as possible under the weight of her ass, which covers his mouth and nose. Mistress Kira believes that breathing the scent of her ass is the greatest reward for any man. Therefore, a new boyfriend, but now just a human furniture slave must realize that now he exists only to provide his face for the divine ass of Queen Kira every time she needs to sit down forever.