Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Slave Buys Wrong Toilet Paper and Gets Treated Like – Toilet Slave, Ass Worship

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00:04:33 | 384,66 MB | Facesitting / Smothering
720 HD: Cameron’s cuck can be so forgetful. She’s told him how much she hates cheap toilet paper, and yet the dummy still buys the stuff on sale. It’s WAY too rough on Cameron’s bottom. But, it’s ok. “You buy the wrong toilet paper, you get to BE my toilet paper,” Cameron tells the cuck. Cameron commands the cuck to get down on his knees and lick her ass. The cuck is disgusted because Cameron has just gone #2. Cameron does not care, she forces him to lick her clean. The cuck actually does a pretty good job, and Cameron decides she will no longer need for him to buy toilet paper. He will be her toilet paper from now on.
Clip contains: Cameron, cuckolding, ass worship, ass cleaning slave, toilet slave, chastity