Club Stiletto – Mistress Bridget – So Desperate for all Her Smells – Smother, Footworship

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00:07:00 | 535,96 MB | Facesitting / Smothering
Mistress Bridget has her slave blindfolded on the bed. She walks in all sweaty from the gym where the slave is waiting, desperate to experience all her smells. She titillates him by talking in her most seductive voice and running her fingers across his body. “Do you want to smell my odors?” she asks him as she then climbs onto him as if about to sit on his face but instead leans forward bringing a foot up to his mouth. “Wasn’t it worth the wait?” she asks him and the slave says it was. He licks her toes and soles and she calls him a freak. She bends back and spits in his face. Next she sits back on the bed and brings the other foot up to his mouth to be serviced.”Other parts of me got sweaty too” she tells him and then brings her body over his so her armpit is right over his mouth. She orders him to lick it clean and then the second one. The slave must lick away all that odor. Bridget has huge breasts and she pulls up her top so the slave can lick the sweat off of them. Now the slave shows real enthusiasm breast feeding from her. He eagerly sucks on one nipple and then the other. Her tits are just magnificent. Finally she sits on his face and tells him to sniff her ass crack through her sweaty panties and pants. She settles on his face and just laughs as the slave starts to frantically kicks for air. “Goodnight” she says to him.
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