Club Stiletto – Ava Savage – Failed boot licker sniffs Her Ass and licks Her Armpits – shoeslicking, Facesitting

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00:06:27 | 681,05 MB | Facesitting / Smothering
Hot and muscular Domina sensation Ava Savage is resting on the fucking / face sitting / discipline bench and calls out for her slave who leaves his cage and crawls her way for what he knows will be both a physical and mental encounter leaving him humiliated and physically destroyed. He’s terribly afraid of Ava but can’t resist her power over him. He will literally subject himself to anything just to be in her presence. When he gets close she lifts her boot to his face and tells him to lick it clean. She tells him about all the nasty places she has walked with those boots. She doesn’t care, she wants them clean. When she inspects the boots she is disgusted with his effort.
She pulls him towards her by the ears and slaps him as hard as she can across the face. “You disgust me” she tells him. She then pulls his head into her pussy and tells him to sniff it. She tells him he is not worthy and slaps his face repeatedly. She then flexes her massive muscles and asks if he wants to touch them. When he says he does, she tells him to go ahead and do it but before his hand touches her arm she pulls away, reaches for his head and rams it into her stinky armpit. She makes him clean both of them with his tongue. She then stands up and pushes her ass into his face. She makes him keep his nose there until she lets out two massive farts. She grunts and the slave struggles from the blast of gas right up his nostrils. She makes him lick her armpits again and then surprises him with a wrestling grip around his neck. The poor docile slave struggles to fight loose but there is no hope. She squeezes without mercy and then lets him fall to the ground. She sniffs her underarm and says “Not bad.” This sad slave has just been subjected to her nasty boots, sweaty body, farts and arm holds, but he’ll always come crawling back for more… and so would you!
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