THE MEAN GIRLS – Spiders, Spit, and Slap – Queen Kasey and Princess Bella – Brat Girls, Face Slapping

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00:09:23 | 491,63 MB | Faceslapping
Queen Kasey stopped by and I am giving her a “tour’ of Mean Girl Manor since I took it over. I want to impress her with how badly I have beaten the house slaves into submission and how obedient and useful they have become under my rule. (Out of fear mostly, but whatever it takes, right?) But when we walk outside I can see that this fucking loser can’t do anything right.
Outside and naked a black leather collar around his neck, Me and Queen Kasey inspect what little work this fucktard has accomplished in the time we had given him. When he tells us that he several spiders but didn’t lick them off the ground, chew them, and swallow like a good subhuman, we decide it’s time to teach him some proper slaveboy etiquette.
I slap his sorry face so hard he falls to the ground, while Queen Kasey grabs him by his chin and spits in his eye. We are merciless in our open palmed brutality. Of course, a Princess’s hands are too refined to be slapping worthless slaves all day so I strike my crop across the side of his face and spit on his hair, his mouth, and all over, until he is a quivering mess of saliva and shame. But his punishment is not over yet- before we’re done with him, we give him a little something to suck on… slut. Ha ha ha.