DomNation – Goddess Kyaa – I CRUSH YOUR BALLS BENEATH MY FEET JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE UGLY – Corporal Punishment, Face Slapping

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00:15:57 | 164,37 MB | Female Domination
In Goddess Kyaa`s eyes all men are ugly. The uglier that they are, the more punishment n humiliation that they deserve. It’s just the natural order of things in Goddess Kyaa`s mind. So when the Goddess runs across this ugly piece of man meat something bad is going to happen.
The Goddess instantly tells him how ugly he is and that hell be punished for his ugliness. His entire being deserves nothing but pain for being born so ugly n she pours it on heavy. Her hands fly through the air with fury as they land violently on his reddening cheeks! She threatens to pelt him until her hands bleed n he! She insists that he beg to be hit harder and then she obliges. She laughs and giggles as she beats it into him how ugly he is calling him a BITCH the whole time.
But the Goddess isn’t finished. She lays him flat on his back with a trampling table atop his now exposed Penis n testicles. They too are ugly and deserve to suffer just for being so ugly. The goddess tramples her Bitch’s balls and Penis into the table as though she is snuffing out a cigarette. Her weak minded minion just lays there squirming and whining as his manhood is ground n pounded into oblivion. She kicks at his grotesque manhood and Buries her stiletto heels in his scrotum as she tells him how easy she`s being on him. She continues destroying this poor losers junk until he`s laying on the floor screaming like the little bitch that the Goddess says he is! Guess the Lady is always right.