Mistress Nikita – Obeynikita – Gagged n Punished – Corporal Punishment, Rubber

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00:10:15 | 451,61 MB | Female Domination
It’s so funny when you bois think all your little needs and wants are going to be catered to when you crawl to my heels and beg to be my bitch. This is about u catering to me! And when I am tired of hearing your little face hole whine all day about what you want, I simply stuff a bright red ball gag in it and do things to you that I want… like punishing you until you really start to understand your place in my world. I zipped my little London bitch into a latex straight jacket and plugged its mouth before shoving a nice big black butt plug in its other hole. Then I cropped, paddled n whipped its ass to make it moan for mercy through its spit n gag. I let it sniff my shoe and nylon foot just as a tease before whipping it again. Continuous punishment n rewards will eventually break the slave. If it doesn’t they`ll simply be discarded.