The Dacey Harlot – A Princesses Pungent Punishment – Fetish, Smother

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00:10:00 | 726,9 MB | Female Domination
Feat. Onyx Kim & Dexter Darkly
Princess Onyx has been out shopping all day and she’s ready to relax and have her Foot Slave do his job and clean her Smelly Little Feet.  Onyx orders Dexter to gently unlace her dirty converse and slide one shoe off at a time letting him enjoy the Pungent smell.  Seeing that the smell is even too overpowering for her foot slave and making him choke, Onyx smashes his face into both shoes ordering him to breath deeply while she laughs at him.  There’s nothing Princess Onyx loves more than watching her Foot Slave suffer.  Next Onyx orders Dexter to Smother himself with her dirty socks and use his nose to massage her feet.  When she isn’t please with the quality of his work she pins Dexter’s face, one foot smashing into his nose the other holding the back of his head.  And any unauthorized kissing results in a swift kick to the face and a scolding to be patient.
Ready to have these smelly wet socks taken off so her sweaty feet can finally be worshipped, Onyx orders Dexter to peel off each sock one at a time with his teeth.  He slowly reveals her perfect soft soles.  As each sock pops off the warm wet scent of her feet fill the air and his nose with her Pungent Scent.  
Onyx Demands Perfection.  Every nook and cranny, every wrinkle and between every toe will be cleaned to perfection.  Her Soft Smelly Princess Toes deserve nothing but the best and that’s all the Princess will accept.  Just having her soles licked won’t do…  She wants her feet all the way down Dexter’s throat.  Onyx shoves her whole foot into his throat gagging him to the point Dexter is gasping for breath and tears well up in his eyes.  Holding his head with one foot and behind his head and she jams the other into his mouth as deep as it goes.
Once every Toe has been sucked and licked clean its time for Onyx to have a little fun.  She grabs Dexter by the back of his head and throws him on the ground in front of her.  Placing one foot securely across his throat and slamming the other down his throat Princess Onyx laughs watching him struggle and gasp under her Perfect Pungent Feet until she’s bored with his suffering.
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