DomNation – AN AMAZONIAN BEATDOWN! Starring Alex Amazonia – Whipping, Teasing

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00:32:08 | 815,9 MB | Female Domination
This is Amazonian Beatdown watch as Goddess Alex torments this pathetic slave for a full 32 minutes! This is the combined footage of “YOU KNOW YOU WANT ME”,”BOUND AND BRUTALLY BEATEN”,”STRIPPED, WHIPPED AND RIPPED TO SHREDS” And “CRUEL COCK CROPPING” Dont miss out on this deal! Its a steal at $15.99 (Normal pricing $32.99) 
Goddess Alex Amazonia is kind of a sensual sadist, she certainly likes to sexually charge the air just so that she can see the disappointment in a man’s eyes. Exploring her sexuality with a captive male is one of her favorite games as the male mind has no poker face when it comes to arousal and his body will most assuredly deceive him.Even the slightest hint of sexual excitement means that you lose. That you are subject to whatever punishments the Goddess sees fit. In this case her pathetic, stereotypical excuse for a slave just can’t hide his joy in seeing her.Goddess Alex pushes his buttons, presses this loser’s face between her breasts and teases him. Then she paddles his Ass with a very stingy leather paddle for his mounting excitement. But this seems to have no affect on this miserable idiot. So she takes out a Crop and pummels his tiny penis into the ultimate submission as he struggles with his agony.
But The Goddess has more coming With her slave helplessly bound to a leather whipping bench, the six foot Alex Amazonia take great pleasure in taking the skin off his ass, back and shoulders with a severe leather thrasher whip. It takes only a few moments to bring him to tears, as she rain one cutting blow after another until he is begging for mercy. But there will be none tonight, as Goddess Alex is enjoying herself far too much at his expense to stop anytime soon.
But It seems that this imbecile is still somehow aroused! Locked securely in a pair inescapable wrist to thigh restraints, he can only stand there and ponder his demise as Alex stalks him from behind armed with a long, leather riding crop. The first blow of her crop comes crashing down on his ass with a loud thud. Slave lets out a loud, guttural moan, and so the games begin.
Alex turns her full attention to his miniscule cock. In a calm, seductive voice she says This tiny worm needs to grow to show your appreciation to Goddess Alex, understood? And with that, she grabs firmly onto his cock and begins cropping it, softly at first in a seductive manner, but then WHAM!WHAM!WHAM! She beats his cock harder and harder, as he screams out in pain.
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