Domina Planet – A Closed Mouth Gathers No Feet – Footworship, Fetish

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Mistress Sapphire Swann and Goddess Khaleesi have enslaved a wolf-whistling, chauvinistic male that was harassing them while they worked out. But they got him in bondage and smothered him with their perfect round asses to show him the power “those pieces of ass” have. They are regally seated on a black sofa on the edge of the stage in the dungeon, with the slave on his knees in front of them, with a collar and leash on, they are still wearing their booty shorts, but have taken off their socks. They make him smell them deeply, Goddess Khaleesi says:
“Slave, you are an inferior being and worship everything that comes from Our perfect bodies, even things like our sweat and pee. You should also know, by smell or taste, which sweaty sock is which. Real slaves can spot their owners 9 out of 10 times”
She drapes Her sweaty, brown stained sock on his face, mashing them into his nose and mouth hard:
“Smell deeply slave! Memorize that smell or you’ll be sorry you stupid fucking cunt”
She mashes the sock into his mouth, first with Her hand, and then crams it in with Her barefoot until the slave is retching on the dry sock.
“Suck out every drop of my superior sweat you fucking pig!”
Mistress Swann does the same thing, and then starts flogging him and makes him start to lick their feet clean. They make him hold his tongue out and wipe their feet over his tongue, back and forth, like a doormat. Showing the slave that he is truly below the status of a person with these Superior Women.
Then they take out a black leather blindfold and affix it to the slave’s face, ensuring that the slave can’t see a thing. They tell the slave:
“We’re going to have a smell test, slave. You’re going to smell a foot and correctly identify which Superior Goddess the foot belongs to. If you get it right, you probably won’t be punished. But if you don’t, you definitely will!’
She has Mistress Swann hold out one sweaty foot, pushing it into the slave’s face and under his nose, but he guesses wrong, and they flog him all over, hard. Since he can’t see and doesn’t see it coming, it’s quite terrifying for him and painful. Then he gets it wrong again, getting flogged harder and then when he get it right gets punished anyway. Then, keeping the slave’s leash pulled taut, She orders him:
“Stick out your worthless slave tongue and put your worthless slave head back”
He does, and She rubs Her sweaty, dirty foot back and forth over his outstretched tongue, treating him like a doormat. She wipes it up and down, rubbing it hard to try and exfoliate as much as possible before switching feet. Both Dommes clean their soles and then, going en-pointe, Mistress Swann starts things off by pulling hard on the leash and poking Her toes into his mouth. She manages to get all of Her toes into his mouth and doesn’t let up with pulling on the leash while the slave starts to retch and gag.
Goddess Khalessis takes Her turn to foot gag the slave and then they both start pushing a foot into his mouth at the same time. Mistress Swann says:
“It’s not fair that one of us should have to wait for this stupid pig to take his time finishing up on one of us. We can fit two feet into his mouth and I bet in a few weeks we can get all four! So much more efficient!”
They keep pulling the leash while pushing two full feet and all ten toes into his mouth and farther and farther down his throat as he starts to buck from the contractions taking over his body as the invading feet make their relentless march further down his esophagus. Thick strings of mucous can be seen coming back out with a foot before being relentlessly pushed back in. The two try to get all four feet in before deciding to give the slave a nap. They gag him with a full foot pushing down his throat, pinch his nose closed with another foot and then have the other feet help hold him and seal his mouth and nose. He struggles, mewls, is flogged over and over, but can’t do a thing. He finally lays still, and the two just giggle and walk off, knowing that if the slave doesn’t recover, they can just buy a new one.
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