Humiliation POV – Amai Fucks Over Her Boot Licking Credit Card – Fetish, Asian

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Princess Amai! This clip is completely real! Amai uses his mouth to clean her boots while she shops with his credit card online.
Amai made her slave crawl over to her and she asks him for his wallet which he gladly hands to her. She takes out one of his credit cards and tells him that she’s about to go shopping on his computer with his credit card lol. And his job while she shops, is to clean her boots with his tongue lol. So the fucking loser starts licking her boots while she shops online with his credit card. She completely ignores him except to tell him what she’s buying and how much it costs lol.
She tells him that she is browsing some sexy lingerie to wear for real men, men who don’t lick her boots while she fucks them over lol. She laughs at him as he licks her boots, what an idiot. Only a complete loser would let a girl max out his credit cards while he licks her boots lol. She then begins to describe the sexy lingerie she will be buying because he will never see it in person lol. She reminds him that she only wears sexy lingerie for real men and that he would never get to see her in it lol.
Then she begins to tell him how much each item costs and the total amount in her cart. He’s helpless, there’s nothing he can do to stop her from maxing out his credit card. So he continues to do the only thing he can, lick her fucking boots clean. She begins to direct him on how and where to better clean her boots. He loves cleaning her boots, but he loves it even more knowing that she’s shopping with his credit card while he licks them like a fucking idiot.
He starts to kiss her boots and tell her how much he worships her and her boots. He thanks her for using him like a human credit card while he licks her boots. He knows his place beneath her. After she finishes at the lingerie store, she begins to shop for a new pair of boots for him to worship and clean. Isn’t he lucky lol?
Then Amai makes him suck on the heel. She makes him gag on it as she laughs in his face while she continues to shop online. He’s such a stupid little pay pig for her. Next she really degrades him by making him lick the dirty soles of her boots while telling him how much the new boots are going to cost him lol. Amai is so cruel, bitchy and bratty in this clip! He’s so lucky that she lets him lick her boots while she financially fucks him over lol! He thanks her over and over again for this opportunity.
Then she tells him that he will need to call the credit card company to have his line of credit raised lol. She tells him that it’s her decision on when and how often she drains his bank account, he’s nothing but a boot licking wallet! He’s fucking helpless to stop her because this turns him on so fucking much lol! Fucking loser! What would you give to be in his place? At the end she puts in his information and shows him the total and makes him click ‘Pay’ and he nearly cums in his pants while she laughs at him lol!
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