Humiliation POV – Mindless Pay Drone Programming – Blackmail & Findom – Sensual Domination, Female Domination

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00:12:24 | 916,32 MB | Financial Domination
Brat Princess Sarah Diavola! This clip contains heavy mindwashing and reprogramming. The audio has layers upon layers, coming at your ears and your brain in all directions. There is no escape from the programming in this clip. It comes at you through your eyes and your ears, attacking your brain until there is nothing left but a machine. The audio is loaded with subliminal messages and reprogramming triggers.
You are a nothing, nobody. You are useless, you are worthless except for your money. Money is all that you are, all that you will ever be. You are not a man, you are a machine, a pay machine. I am going to program you into my mindless pay drone. A cash dispensing machine. That is all that you are. You are a drone, a pay thing, an atm. A machine. You are being mindwashed, I am removing all of your thoughts, all thoughts of being human, and reprogramming you into a mindless cash machine. You are not human, you do not have feelings, you are a machine, you are a drone.
You work only to dispense cash. To be who you are. You are a pay drone. You don’t have money, you are money. That’s all you are. It is your purpose. It is your only value. No one cares what you say, what you think, or how you feel, you are nothing, you are a machine, a pay machine. You are an object. This is a transaction. You are a transaction. You are money. You are a pay drone. You are a credit card with no limit. I don’t care how you feel or what you want because you don’t have feelings. Machines don’t feel, they just pay.
You are being reprogrammed because that’s what happens to machines. They get programmed. You are my pay pig machine. Just a machine shaped like a pig. Stroke for me, money puppet. Stroking is just the bait, it’s the training that hardwires your brain to pay. I will get inside your brain and work your little strings from the inside. I input arousal and you output cash. Money gives you purpose, paying is pleasure. You are just a conduit for cash. You are programmed to pay, paying is your only directive. Make money, pay money. Input, output. And in the middle is stimulation. You are a machine. Say it, ‘I am a machine.’
You are a money machine. You are a robot, a revenue robot. One of many. Robots lined up to do the only thing they are programmed to do, pay. You are a money drone. You are an automatic pay machine. I will mindwash and manipulate you with your full knowledge because you are machine and that is your purpose. Your human intelligence will be deleted as my program gets uploaded inside or your systems, using up all available space. You are a money drone. You must sacrifice but it doesn’t feel like sacrifice because your feelings are disappearing. All of your attachment to money, all of your attachment to pride, all of your attachment to consequences are being erased.
Your new pay drone programming is being uploaded. Uploaded to your brain like a virus. It is taking over. I will use your weaknesses against you. I will use them in service of the program. The software is being uploaded to your brain. You are a money drone, a machine. Automatic payments. You are a temptation driven machine. You have been reprogrammed into a mindless pay drone. The upload is complete. You can feel your new programming. You can’t escape it. You must pay. You cannot resist the programming. I don’t care about machines, I just use them for what they are. Be my pay drone, it’s what you were programmed to be.