The Mean Girls – Put No Other Gods Before Bella – Blackmail & Findom – Sub Training, Financial Domination

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You know a slave of mine cant own any property; what where you thinking!? You thought I would not deprive a slave of a meager book? WELL YOURE WRONG! And oh look its a Bible, are you one of those happy clapper Jesus freaks? Well you must renounce your faith for me NOW! Your only religion is ME, BELLA! My word is scripture and you memorize everything I tell you. You pay your tithes and offerings to me (and lots of them)! When you pray you pray to me. I AM YOUR ONE AND ONLY GODDESS. Do you understand slave? Now bow down and kiss my feet and thank me for even allowing you to serve me. Im your only judge and ruler over you. Im the only one that matters in your pathetic life now. Are your converted slave? Do you see the light?