Humiliation POV – Goddess Dommelia – Braindeåd Findummy – Blackmail & Findom – Female Domination, Instructions

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00:12:41 | 930,26 MB | Financial Domination
Goddess Dommelia! This clip contains harsh verbal humiliation, devilish giggles and lots and lots of mocking! This is a masterful verbal beatdown! Goddess Dommelia will make you feel SO fucking stupid! LOL!
Hey dummy! Yea that’s you, because you are a dumb fucking idiot, aren’t you? You’ve been at it again, haven’t you dumdum? Fallen down the findom tråp. How many times have you said you were going to quit, huh dummy? And how many times have you come crawling back to findom? You know you’re never going to be able to quit, don’t you? Hasn’t that gotten into that thick dumb skull of yours yet? LOL! Sometimes I think there’s really nothing at all between your ears, just a blank space filled with findom and chronic masturbation. You’re a simp, a fucking dumb dumb. And you’re not just a normal idiot, I mean there are Lots of stupid people in the world, but you’re a special kind of dumb, you’re a findumb. LOL! You’re a findummy, aren’t you? You’re so fucking stupid! LOL! It’s like you’re fucking braindeåd lol!
And it’s so much worse when your stupid hand is wrapped around your stupid cock, making stupid jerkoff motions and faces. And that’s exactly what you’re going to do for the rest of this fucking video because you’re a fucking dumdum, aren’t you? And you’re so dumb that you are going to do every fucking thing I say. You are a fucking idiot. You’re a fucking dumb dumb, you’re findumb, a findummy. Now I want you to say it while you jerk your fucking cock, ‘I am a findummy’. Jerk it like the fucking dumb dumb that you are. You’re fucking drooling right now, aren’t you? Drool is dripping from your lips while you jerk your brain away. LOL! You are an idiot, you’re so fucking stupid, there is nothing in your head. You don’t have a fucking brain. You’re so stupid that you fell into my tråp of buying this video which you already knew was going to make you relåpse. And you love relåpsing, don’t you findummy?
You’re a fucking dumb dumb, yes you are lol! And guess what you’re going to do because you’re that fucking dumb? You are going to buy this clip again because you’re that much of a fucking dumb dumb. How stupid would you have to be to buy the same video that you’re currently watching? LOL! But you’re a fucking dummy so you’re going to do it because you know it’ll make you feel even dumber, and you want that right? LOL you’re such a fucking idiot! Next I want you to get a sharpie and write, ‘Findummy’ on your forehead. That’ll make you feel extra stupid and make you even dumber! You’re a findumb fucking idiot. And the next thing that you’re going to do because you are a fucking retård, is you’re going to send me a tribute while you jerk your stupid brain. LOL you’re such a pathetic fucking freak, aren’t you? Just jerking your cock like a fucking moron who just can’t stop himself from being manipulated by a hot brat who fucking hates you.
You just want to send me money, don’t you? Because you’re findumb! You. Are. So. Fucking. Stupid! You’re a findummy! Look at my big huge fake tits while you jerk, they make you even dumber lol. What is it about big fake tits that they just turn findumb losers like you into even bigger idiots? I don’t know, but they do. You’re a fucking moron, aren’t you? Say it, say, ‘I’m a fucking moron.’ LOL! Now dumdum, I want you to go to my wishlist and send me a present. It’ll make your cock twitch, I promise idiot lol. Just keep that fucking hand on that fucking cock and keep stroking, dummy. You don’t need a brain, no, the only thing that’s in your head is me telling you, you are a fucking idiot, you’re a brainless retårded dumb dumb. You’re a findummy and you’re going to keep spending because that’s all your stupid brain is telling you to do.
Now what else can I make you do while you’re in this horny retårded fucking stupor? I’m going to make max out your credit cards. Yea that’s a great idea for a moron like you. Let’s get you into debt and ruin your fucking credit score and potentially your entire fucking life! Just for the sake of jerking off to a video. Doesn’t that sound like a really good idea for a dumb fuck like you? You are soooo fucking dumb. You’re a findummy lol! And I don’t give a fuck what this does to you because all I want to do is make you feel even dumber than you already are lol! I want to make your cock hard and your brain empty while I make myself richer because there’s nothing quite like destroying a man’s life and turning him into a braindeåd findummy!