Humiliation POV – Controlling Your Mind And Stealing Your Thoughts – Blackmail & Findom – Brainwash, Mental Domination

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00:13:40 | 997,73 MB | Financial Domination
Lucid Lavender!I’m so glad that you wanted to talk to me, I’ve been a fan for so long. And you’ve come out with this amazing new phone and it has this mind reading technology. You’re so smart and smart guys are so hot. I can’t believe I’m in your room. I know you have a lot of fan girls but can you just answer one question for me, please?
I know you are so busy and you don’t have much time to relax so I’d like to help you with that. “Would you like to relax?” I’d like to do this breathing exercise, it will really help you ease your mind. Take a nice deep breath in and let it out. Feel your body relax. All your worries are shifting away with each breath that you take, you’re sinking deeper into relaxation. You’re getting sluggish and slow, heavy and ‘obedient’. Your mind starts to lose sense of all reality. Even though you’re heavy, you feel as though you are floating. “You feel obedient, you want to be obedient.”
Through the fog, emotions seem to become distant. ‘You want to be an obedient little boy’. But through it all, there’s one emotion that wants to break through. ‘Desire’. Through your haze, there’s only one thing, ‘Desire’. Everything else has disappeared. It’s just you, me, and that feeling. ‘Desire’. And you realize you may have lost yourself. ‘You want to be a good boy for me’. It’s true, I am a big fan and I’m so happy that I get to be here with you in your relaxed state. ‘Stroke for me’. I’m so happy that we get to share this time together, that I get to know you, that I get to be yours because you are mine. ‘Touch yourself.’ It feels so good to relax and spend this time with me. ‘Stroke for me.’
You’re so good at coming up with ideas and I’m so good at taking control of boys who come up with these ideas, making them mine. ‘You need to be a good boy for me.’ Making them easy to break into. Locking them in. I’m so good at making all these brilliant boys mine. That’s where I’m a genius. You’re not the only one, you’re not the first one. ‘Without me, you’re lost.’ Full head, ripe thoughts, relaxed body, ready to obey. ‘You’re such a good boy.’ There’s not a single thought running through your head right now besides wanting to do whatever I ask. Wanting to give yourself over to me. ‘Stroke your cock for me forever.’
I am making you mine. You have the brain, you make the ideas, I make you happy. Your ideas become mine. ‘It makes you so happy to obey.’ I make you happy. This is what I do. This is what I’m good at. And no need to worry, you’re safe here with me. Doesn’t it feel good to have these big ideas and then to hand them over to me? ‘You’re such a good boy.’ I can make you so relaxed. When was the last time you felt this good? ‘Stroke your dick.’ I can make this happen every time your head spits out another idea. I can make this happen as often as that big brain of yours will allow. You may be smart when it comes to technology but I’m smart when it comes to the human mind. ‘You will obey.’ You and I are going to work together for a long time. You’re going to make me a rich girl.
You’re going to come up with ideas, and I’m going to make you happy. ‘It makes you so happy to obey.’ You’re going to make me rich and I’m going to make you happy. We have a very good thing going here. And you’re so eager to please. You’re so ready to show me what you can do. What you’ll think of next. You’re so ready to make me successful. ‘Stroke your cock for me forever. You need to obey. You will obey.’ And if you agree, then I’ll allow you to cum and I know what you wanna do right now. ‘Stroke for me.’
I’m right here in front of you, you with your pants down and your cock out, stroking. We can be very strong together. You’re going to obey. You’re going be such a good boy. If you agree we will be so powerful. If you agree you get to cum. You agree and I make you very happy. You agree and you make me incredibly powerful. You want to. You want to cum. ‘Touch yourself, stroke your dick. Stroke for me.’ I want to say thank you but I feel like you should be thanking me. When was the last time you felt this good? You’re welcome. I’m excited to see what we come up with together. I’m curious to know what new ideas will end up with my name on it.