Femme Fatale Films – Leather Licker – Part 1 – Mistress Heather – Bootlicking, Boot Worship

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00:06:45 | 90,3 MB | Foot Fetish
[Femdom 2018] Femme Fatale Films – Leather Licker – Part 1. Starring Mistress Heather [Leather, Bootlicking, Boot Worship]
This slave had been enrolled as one of my resident boot cleaners for some time before I shot this session with him. The opportunity for him to lick them clean whilst I wore them was a treat he had been begging for, for a long time. The reward was granted and you will see just how eager his tongue was for my leather, for the well worn creases around the booted ankle, for the scent and sound of the high quality Italian soft leather. He also gets several shots of my spit, on to the boot 1st of course, for him to lap up like the good little boot slave he is.