Cruel City – Ella Her Cute Young Friend! (Anne Love and Ella Kross) – Female Training, Lesbian Domination

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00:06:26 | 260,5 MB | Lesbian Domination
“Have you ever tried lesbian sex?” Ella asks her adorable friend Anne as they sit on Ella`s sofa together. Anne confesses that she hasn`t, and Ella tells her what she`s been missing out on. “It`s such an amazing feeling,” Ella explains as she begins to hit on her. Anne tries to resist Ella`s advances, but let`s be honest-who can resist the incredible Ella Kross? This cruel mistress will have whoever she wants one way or another, and in Anne`s case it takes a rag soaked with . Anne`s not expecting it, and within seconds she`s completely . After checking to make sure the cute brunette is truly , it`s time for Ella to have some fun with her limp body! What does Ella have in store for her? Watch to find out!