Tigger Rosey – Homewrecking Ex Seduces You In Catsuit – Home Wrecker, Dirty Talking

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00:13:05 | 583,04 MB | Tease / Denial
You are my ex, we were together for a long while but did not have real sex, just dry humping and making out. You always stopped me before it happened. Now, years later, you are married and I am engaged, we haven’t seen each other in forever but end up at the same party because we are both visitting our home town And here goes the video: (I don’t know if you own leather pants or not, if not…I’d love you to wear that catsuit and we just say it’s a halloween/costume party…I just love your body, especially your ass in that.) The video starts with you in the corner, making shy but flirtatious eye contact with me, you have a bevy in your hand and move to the music, you are just a little bit tippsy and laugh as you show off your body. We end up alone in a room at the party (you give ‘come hither’ finger signs to the camera and drag me in the bedroom or bathroom, whatever works for you. You sit me down while you stand in front of me and start talking, asking me how I am “you look good, dude it’s such a cliche but: have you been working out?” you giggle but assure me you are serious. “I actually have been missing you” You grin and show off your ass a bit and laugh “you always were a sucker for my ass, especially in leather.” you give your butt a slap. “Too bad we never really did anything. I mean, remeber the handy I gave you at the movies ones? Yeah…out of nowhere…maybe because my loser husband doesn’t really get it up anymore” you laugh because you caught yourself sharing that with me “I really do think of your dick, you know? it felt really good in my hand.” At this point, I start to shy away from the situation and you stop me, by pushing me back on the bed “nonono my friend…we are not done. not close to done. Don’t you want a piece of this, daddy?” you move your body, shake your ass, pull the zipper of your catstui down a bit, press your tits together, lick your lips and tease me more. “what do you mean, you’re faithful? dude…every other guy would have fucked his way through half this town after the blue balls I gave you….only you went and got engaged! I bet you still don’T dodrugs or anything. No?” you laugh at me and make me to take a sip from your bevy “come on…ingest this…I remember that night you got a bit tips see and I made you to kiss all my girlfriends from college…you were such a willing slut. I bet, if I would not have been so jealous, I would have gotten you to fuck them all.TAKE IT!” I take it all and just let you do what you want from that moment on. You dance a bit to the music again, really trying to get me going now (but you don’t get naked yet) “open your shirt, baby” you look at me as if you wanted to eat me up “come on, strip for me daddy, show me that new body” you like what you see and even more that I am so willing now. “mmmh, me likey…now let that cock free…wait, let me help” you bend down and open my zipper. You pull it out and give my cock a frew strokes “damn…it feels so good. but first, you put on a show for me…” you get away from me and start dancing and teasing again “jerk it for me…show me how you did it all those times I left you with that precum…” you put that leather clad ass up my face “that gets you hard, doesn’t it…mmmh, daddy that cock is nice and hard for me…” this goes on for a bit and then you strip and are fed up with just watching me perform for you. “let me fuck that fiance out of your brain…” you climb on top of me “you wont want any other pussy after I am done with you, daddy…you will be my little slut” you fuck me and keep doing dirty talk, a few homewrecking lines (“this pussy is so much better…and your cock is so much better than hubby’s”;), you slap me once “you like me hard?” you laugh “you’Re such a slut, I could do anything to you and you would do anything for me” you grab my neck “finally getting that pussy you craved for so long…how does it feel?” you laugh, slap my face again…soon after we cum. You finish the video with the words “oh..if you don’T keep fucking me, dfforaddy…I will ruin your life. Love that cock though” you wink.