Lindsey Leigh – Creamy Our Cuckold – Cuckolding, Coerced Bi

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You have been such a good cuckold to alpha and I the past few months. Giving up your apartment to live in our basement and pay our mortgage. Driving us to all our appointments, meals and parties. Keeping the house and sheets that get stained nightly clean. You’ve gone above and beyond. I noticed you sniffing and sucking our sheets in the laundry room the other day. Are you ready to advance to sole creampie receiver? I am getting sick of all the loads going into my pussy and then onto the bed sheets. I think it would be much better if your asshole took the loads from now on. This is an advanced cuckold position and requires intense dedication. Today I want to train your asshole to take the creampies and warp your mind to fantasize about it the rest of the day. Get naked and ready to level up!
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