Madam Violet – Subby Brain Retune – Instructions, Mind Fuck

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00:20:44 | 488,55 MB | BrainWash
This is a classic trance file to DEEPEN your feelings of submissiveness, surrender, obedience and desire for MADAM VIOLET. A Trance session that you should listen to regularly for full effect, a perfect femdom, Goddess worshipping, slave surrendering trance session for lost sheep, for distracted, confused conflicted men that just need a warm, safe place to rest – deep in My dominion, DEEP in My control.
Three simple words make surrender to Me so easy, so effortless, so natural.
Three magic words that each lead onto the next, they can be mixed and matched, moved around in any order, each word always leads on to the next, you DESIRE Me so you OBEY Me and you PAY Me which makes you DESIRE ME even more, so you PAY ME and OBEY ME.
As I REFINE and reorganise and RECHARGE your brain FULL of Madam Violet I also double your subby feelings with every SNAP. I encourage you to STROKE as I whisper, as the moans sends shivers down your cock SNAP! TWICE as submissive for Goddess!! Goooood boy, so relaxing, so arousing, so perfect…
When I bring you up out of trance you are revitalised, so drippy and achey and RECHARGED with your One True goddess Madam Violet.
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