Goddess JessiBelle – Look in the Mirror Ugly – Mesmerize, Hypnotic

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It is time to face the truth, come out from your hiding place and take a look in the mirror. You are ugly! Hideous! A Freak! Start at the face and work your way down, your entire body is nasty! I have an assignment for the ugly idiot, you will go over to the mirror and look at how disgusting you are.
I could never imagine being such an ugly idiot! You’re stuck with yourself, that must really suck! All you can do is hide away from the world. You have to go out sometimes, you will have to face the world sometime. If I were you I would try to keep my face covered all of the time. There’s nothing you can do to fix that face of yours.
You’re so ugly that you have to be careful or someone might want to run tests on you because no one could possibly be so ugly! No one else is as ugly as you are, you stick out like a sore thumb! There’s no fix for a face that is this ugly, just look at yourself!
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