Humiliation POV – ‘Please Cuck Me’ Cuckold Husband Mindrinsing & Reprogramming – Cuckolding, Mesmerize

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Miss Amelia! This clip contains an intense subliminal whisper track. It has been programmed with audio and visual triggers that will implant themselves deep into your subconscious and will come out unexpectedly when you are talking to your wife. Be warned, these are powerful triggers, the words, ‘Please cuck me’ will come from your lips after repeated viewing of this mindrinsing experience.
I know your little secret. I know that you want to be cucked. But you are just too scared to ask your wife. No worries, we’re going to fix this today. I am going to completely mindrinse you into saying the words, ‘Please cuck me.’ ‘Please cuck me’. ‘Please cuck me.’ I’m going to say these words so many times that they’re going to become burned into your brain. Every crack within your psyche will be filled with these words, ‘Please cuck me.’ ‘Please cuck me.’ Over and over and over again. You will not be able to escape these words as they are absorbed into your mind and programmed to come out when you are talking to your wife.
And when you’re least expecting it, when you’re talking to your wife, these words are going to escape your lips, ‘Please cuck me.’ Please wifey, cuck me.’ LOL you are being mindrinsed, and there is nothing you can do about it. You’re going to beg her, you’re going to be cucked. ‘Please cuck me.’ I’m going to make your dreams come true. ‘Please cuck me.’ Say it with me, ‘Please cuck me.’ You feel it, you feel the words, being planted deeper and deeper and programmed to come out when you speak with your wife.
‘Cuck me, cuck me, please wifey cuck me.’ ‘I want to be cucked.’ ‘Please cuck me wifey.’ Say it with me, ‘Please cuck me.’ Being cuckolded by your wife has always been an overwhelming fantasy of yours, hasn’t it? The thought of your wife fucking someone else in front of you fills you with excitement and euphoria. But it also scares you a little bit, and that’s why you’ve been so scared to ask her to cuck you. You’ve tried to suppress your perverted thoughts but you can’t. Being a cuckold is always on your mind. You’re a cuckold. Accept it. Say it with me, ‘I am a cuckold. I want to be cucked. Please cuck me.’ Say it over and over and over again and soon these words will slip from your lips to her ears.
‘Please cuck me.’ Imagine your wife bringing a man back to your home. A hung stud and you wanking your cock in the corner of your room. You actually being a cuckold to your wife. You want this so badly. It turns you on so much. This makes you throb. Say it, ‘Please cuck me, please cuck me.’ Beg her, beg your wife for it. You’re getting too weak to resist the urge to just give in to the temptation and saying the words, ‘Please cuck me.’ ‘Please wifey, I want to be your cuckold, please cuck me.’
You want to be cucked. You need to be cucked. The more you stroke and repeat these words the more the urge will grow. I want you to beg her, ‘Please cuck me, I want to be your cuck, I need this, please.’ Feel my programming taking over. Soon you won’t be able to stop yourself from telling her what you truly want. This will no longer just be a fantasy, it will become your way of life. Watching your wife being fucked by someone else will become sex for you. You want that. You want to watch your wife having sex with better men. You need this, you crave this, you want to be a cuck. You are a cuck, you just to tell your wife. Say it, ‘Please cuck me.’
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