Humiliation POV – Goddess Valora – Boot Licking Pay Pig Idiot – Blackmail & Findom – Degradation, Bootdom

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00:05:37 | 415,64 MB | Financial Domination
Get down on your knees my pathetic little boot slut, that’s where pay pigs belong. And while you’re down there do not open your mouth. There’s nothing you could say that I’d have any interest in. Your only purpose is to be drained. You asked for this, you begged for this, and I am allowing you the privilege of paying me. And it is a fucking privilege. And in return for me being so generous and allowing you tp pay me, I’m going to let you lick my boots while you’re down there on your knees. Lick them idiot. Lick and pay.
You are an atm, and atm’s don’t talk, they just dispense cash. You are an atm, full of cash, that is your purpose. I want you silent, sucking and licking my gorgeous boots while I drain you over and over again. Pay my boots idiot. I don’t need you, you need me. You need to be drained, I do not need your money. Paying me is the only way to get my attention and boot licking pay pig idiots like you have to pay a lot to get my attention. Otherwise, I’d never give a fuck about a pathetic jerkoff like you.
Lick the dirt from the soles of my boots while I fuck you over. That’s what you fucking deserve. I care more about these boots than I do about you. You’re nothing more than the dirt on the bottom of my boots. Worship my boots loser, worship them and pay. Pay me, pay my boots, completely fucking degrade yourself in front of me. You are a pay slut, a boot freak, and I do all the talking and all the taking. You keep your mouth filled with the heel of my boot while I empty out your wallet.
You’re so lucky that I let you do this, aren’t you pig? Nod your head yes. Good boy. Keep licking them, my boot bitch loser. You fucking love when I treat you like this, don’t you? It makes your piggy cock so fucking hard. I know it does. I know how pay pigs think and that’s why it’s so easy for me to fuck with your mind and your wallet. Now I’m going to allow you to speak and the only thing I you’re allowed to say is, ‘Thank you for taking my money and letting me lick your boots, Goddess.’ Good boy. You’re so lucky I take the time to humiliate you and remind you of what your place is. Now fuck off!